Rent To buy your home

No Mortgage Needed

Rent To Buy Homes

Do you want to get onto the housing ladder, but are struggling to raise a large deposit, or even get a mortgage? Then Rent to Buy is the answer to your problem.

Move in Today and Buy later

We have a solution for anyone with an imperfect credit history, or for self-employed people who don't have 3+ years accounts required to get a mortgage.

Rent To Buy is only one of the options available for you - we will look into your personal needs and create a solution together.

How it works

  • 1. You pay some deposit to secure your home. Sometimes you can refurbish the property isntead of paying a deposit.
  • 2. You pay every month towards your new home.
  • 3. We agree together how long you need to buy your house.
  • 4. The price is fixed today! You therefore can benefit from all property price rises and gain capital growth.
  • 5. We complete when you are ready.

We have great news for you!

At all times, the house is yours to improve and renovate to your own taste and requirements. You can put in a new kitchen, replace a bathroom or add a consvertory. You are the one to benefit from any increase in the value of your home.

You can even sell this house at any time to another buyer and benefit from your saved deposit. That's right - sell a house and move up the housing ladder without ever having taken out a mortgage!

Application Process

  • Complete our application form today. If you are successful you pay the deposit to secure your home.
  • Legal papers are drawn up by solicitors. Once done, contracts are exchanged and the house is yours! You could move in as quickly as 7 days.
  • You move in now, have no mortgage, and pay over time.
  • We are legally committed to the sale and cannot withdraw, change the price, or sell to anybody else.